Mini Aussies $650-850   Mini Aussie doodles- $900-1,200

Depending on size, color and sex. Contact for more specific pricing. We have the right to refuse purchase to any person we feel not fit for a puppy. IF for ANY reason your family can no longer care for your M-D mini aussie/doodle, we reserve the right for 1st option to take the puppy or dog back and find a suitable home for it. We spend a lot if time making sure puppies are the right fit for each family and we want to continue that. 

Sizes:  Mini Aussies are expected about 20 lbs and 14 in tall full grown. Our Mini Aussiedoodles range 25-30 lbs and around 18 in tall full grown. They are non to low shedding. (all are estimates and averages)

Reserving your puppy

To reserve a puppy we require a deposit of 1/2 down. The down payment is non refundable unless a health issue affects the dog. Deposits can be paid via check, cash, paypal or venmo. The final payment must be paid in full in cash when picking up the puppy. If you are on the waiting list and notified of puppies you will have 24 hours to choose your puppy before moving to the next in line. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for upcoming litters. We require a $100 refundable (All but a $ 15 service fee) deposit to hold your spot on the waiting list. Your spot on the list is not determined until the date we receive your $100 deposit. This deposit will go toward your original down payment once a puppy is chosen. Deposits must be paid immediately once you choose your puppy.   

What is included?

Upon picking up the puppy, they will have the tails docked, dew claws removed, 2 sets of shots and de-wormed, & NSDR papers (mini aussies only)- Aussiedoodles will not come with registration paperwork or docked tails- Doodles will have full tails!! All the shot records and worming records will be recorded as well for you to keep. Your puppy is currently eating Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy. (We love and use for our shipments of dog food, treats, and toys.)  Puppies are all vaccinated with Vanguard with  at 4 weeks of age and the same booster Vanguard L4 +lepto at 7 weeks of age. They are de-wormed around 4,6, &8 weeks of age. You can take them to your vet around the age of 12 weeks where they will receive another booster and another round of de-wormer. They can be given Frontline at 8 weeks of age. They will not come with the 1st treatment of Frontline. We recommend puppies to be spayed or neutered at 6 months of age. ($15 fee to replace registration papers or shot records if you misplace them).


What to expect from a new puppy

The transition from my home to your will be a huge change for your puppy. Understand they are leaving everything they have ever known and are being taken to a strange place with new people, sights, ect. They are being taken away from their parents and siblings. They will cry, they will have accidents, they are puppies! Understand this is all new to them! Don't get frustrated. The habits your puppy will learn is all due to how you help him or her learn. Be strict with your puppy. They like routine and they like being on a schedule. Try to feed/water and take the puppy out the same time everyday. This will help them understand a schedule. Socialization is very important to your puppy. Take them with you whenever possible. Let new people pet and play with them when out and about. Most of all, enjoy your puppy! If you have questions feel free to contact us we are more than willing to help you make your puppy into the dog that is best for your family! 


We have a few reasons why you will not be allowed to play with or see all the puppies and parents when you visit. Dogs and puppies, even when vaccinated can be susceptible to diseases just like humans and we can carry that into our kennel and put our dogs and puppies at risk. For the safety of all we do not allow entry into our kennel or exposure to our dogs or puppies. In fact, each time we ourselves enter or play with the puppies we use a special disinfectant. Secondly, Our dogs 1st line of duty is protection over our family. Since we do live on a farm they are taught to be guardians over our home. The females (just like any female) are protective over their young. They do not like strangers handling their puppies. For these reasons the parents are put away when people are visiting. Please understand this is for the protection of you and our dogs. Do not think that our dogs aren't friendly because they are very friendly but we want to make the transition process the best for everyone! If you would like to see the parents please visit the "our dogs" page for pictures.

Wait list process

We accept deposits for the waiting list at all times. We do not know when each litter is expected or how many they will have until our females are bred and or pups arrive. To hold your place on the waiting list a $100 deposit is required. You will be notified of your place on the list. Once we are closer to expecting puppies we will contact those on the waiting list with what to expect next. Once pups are born and 1-2 weeks of age we will notify those on the list and allow them to start choosing pups based off pictures and information. You will choose in the same order in which deposits are received. If you choose to pass you can either be refunded your deposit or move to the top of the waiting list for the next litter. Once you choose a puppy your 1/2 down deposit (minus $100 from the wait list) will be required. Final payments paid at pickup. A lot of people will wait about 1 year for a puppy and we typically have 2 litters at a time when our females are bred. Litter sizes range from 5-11 puppies per litter.