Our Dogs


Sophie is an AKC registered Standard poodle. Weighing in around 40 lbs and standing 21 inches, she is on the small end of the poodle scale. Sophie has raised puppies before and is an excellent momma! She is the perfect cross to raise medium sized aussie doodles. Sophie does not shed. Their puppies shed very little if any and are a tad bigger than our mini aussies we have raised and will average 30 lbs. She LOVES to run around the farm and play with the other dogs. She is a great fit to our family!

Full Poodle panel clear on genetic testing



Annie is a small standard poodle that shows a bright future. She is tiny but mighty and a great momma! She is a spunky girl with a big heart and a drive for playing! She is super fast and LOVES to run and chase the other dogs around the farm! She is 40 lbs and 22 in tall and super photogenic! 

Full Poodle panel clear on genetic testing



Trig is super energetic and loves playing with the other dogs. Trig is our breeding male and is a ASDR registered Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepard. He is 16" tall and 27 lbs. He is always getting his nose in everyone's business and loves to be the center of attention. 

Trig is full panel Mini Aussies Clear through Paw Print Genetics. 


Our hearts hold the memories


I mean it when I say this was the most loyal dog I have ever met. Even in his final breath, his family always came 1st. Kolby was my sidekick and was never more than an arms lenght away. He was the best brother to the girls and so attentive to their needs. I never wanted this day to come. 11 years was far too short of a life. This year has been hard. We knew when our dogs were all close in age, we would see a challenging period of loss and that was this year. Kassie in March, Dally just a few weeks ago, and now Kolby. I am not sure how we will continue without him. He was the most perfect dog; beautiful, honest, and loving. Our hearts are so heavy. 10/15/19


Dally was involved in an accident on the farm on September 2019 and was killed 😭 I never expected this day to come so soon or happen like this. We are absolutely heart broken 💔. She was the queen bee a true best friend. Her 10 years blessed us with so many of her amazing offspring to share in her kind spirit. The safety of our family was her 1st priority and her loyalty was next to none. I am not sure how we will continue without her but God had a plan and needed her more. September 18th 2019


God brings animals into your life when he knows we need them most. 13 years was not long enough. You were the greatest example of a man's best friend. Your constant loving and compassionate heart will be so missed. You were never far from my side and were always there when I needed you most, even in your last days. Kassie was such an amazing dog for me during some of the hardest times of my life. I will never be able to repay her for                               what she meant to our family. She will be so missed ❤ Kassie March 12th 2019

Our dogs are happy healthy pets. They are part of our family and we couldn't imagine it any other way.